Please note: if you purchase a kit with an adjustable base, we're offering them at a $10 discount because the main body of the bases we have left were lightly scuffed up during anodizing. Bases are 100% functional, but they have a cosmetic defect or two and so we're not selling them at full price. 


Mk3 DH trucks are the third generation of our popular downhill lineup. We took the tried and true RB2 geometry - bushing seats, rake, pivots- and repackaged them in a light weight, super strong design. The hangers are raked 2mm for perfect balance of snappy response and stability and we have two axle options available for 145-155mm or 160-170mm widths.


Trucks ship with RipTide or Venom tall barrels setup for your weight.



  • 7075-T6 Aluminum hanger
  • 17-4 Heat treated stainless steel axles for superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • 303 Stainless axle spacers that wont crush and offer better corrosion resistance than steel.
  • 6061-T6 bases with Mil-spec kingpins, precision ground board side bushing pins, and RipTide WFB pivot tubes.
  • 303 Stainless cupped washers


Base angles available: 45, 30 & Adjustable (15-40 in 5 degree increments)


Team Reviews


"I tested the 145-155 Mk3 on a 50+ DH rager swapping back and forth with my RB2's, and they feel almost the same except it really seems like the weight reduction adds a little responsiveness. Makes the whole setup noticeably lighter and snappier."

- Chris Bush


"I've done a bunch of freeriding and some chill downhill runs on the Mk3's so far and I'm loving how they feel. The slide initiation is more predictable and they feel very responsive! Also noticed a bit more stability in straights and corners compared to the old design. I've never felt this comfortable on a set of trucks before."

- Jake Ballantyne

Mk3 Downhill Trucks