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I started Valkyrie in 2013 making adjustable bases for popular RKPs at the time - Paris, Caliber, Randal, PNL, Aera, Skoa. The goal then was the same as it is now: to make skate products that inspire confidence through high performance designs. 

As a general design philosophy, I try to make sure every attribute in our trucks works towards a better skating experience. We're constantly tweaking and tuning with the team's feedback, and always aiming to deliver the most possible value out of our trucks. We use premium materials like Al-7075 and 17-4 PH Stainless to ensure durability under extreme use, and include the best urethane from RipTide & Venom.

The Voxter line is built around a patented co-planar bushing seat design that's super stable, grippy, and provides the most consistent and predictable drifts of any truck on the market. Maintenance is minimal thanks to the lack of moving parts and admittedly overkill materials. The culmination of these attributes gives us a truck that I believe takes your setup to the next level, and helps inspire confidence no matter what road you're skating.


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